Its been a long week, with very nice, warm temperatures through-out. When all of a sudden yesterday this cloud came, and the wind started blowing.

 I woke up this morning, took a gander out my window, and all I saw was drenched ground. I did my routine, and started my drive for the mountain. I could see that there was snow up here, but most of the drive was rain, and more rain. I was anxious to see how much snow there could possibly be. I passed the chair 4 parking lot, it was still raining, and then…. SNOW!!! We got about 3 inches so far at my office(thats a guesstimate), and its still snowing. I hope that it keeps snowing all day!

 Keep doing your snow dances!

How do you feel about this storm, do you think it might produce anything significant?

Ciao for now.


One Response to “Snow!!”

  1. Yay. can’t wait to see some more features put up hopefully for next weekend. maybe a long flat rail?

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