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Julien Lecorps

Our Good Friend Julien has been updating the resort report for transworld snowboarding, and this is what he has written:

“Another slow start to the California shred season. For a third year in a row, the west coast weather systems decided to nap through November and slowly start producing in December. Nobody here seems too worried as anybody who’s been in the Sierras knows to never underestimate the power of the Pacific weather patterns. All Mammoth locals remember the slow start of the 2005/2006 winter which gave us no snow until Christmas only to unleash storm after storm until most were begging for spring.
Even with the under average snowfall, Mother Nature has offered up enough cold temperatures and real snow to make Mammoth the place to be on the West Coast. The Unbound park crew hasn’t taken a break since opening day to offer up a variety of jibs, bonks, jumps and hips to keep the unreal level of talent in Mammoth pleased. Park crew has been changing the park up every few nights to keep things fresh and interesting. Speaking of keeping things fresh, longtime park builder extraordinaire Chris Zajec has been moved up to park manager status. Immediate plans for Zajec are the opening of South Park by this weekend (12/15) and the opening of the 18′ Zaugg cut superpipe by the 20th.

With fresh snow on the forecast, this winter’s looking to wake up and unleash. “

It is snowing up here right now, and we have been very busy. This last weekend we held our first USASA contest. With 25 competitors, it flew right by.

For more pictures and to go to TransworldCLICK RIGHT HERE.

For Weather Updates CLICK RIGHT HERE


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