The Holidays are here.


It’s that time of year that Mammoth has its busiest time, all of the hotels in town are booked to 100% occupancy, and you can never find a restaurant that isn’t packed! Its what we all live for, either if you are coming up here for your annual holiday celebrations, or you live in town and this is the time you work for 2 weeks straight, no break, but when it all clears, you have enough money to pay rent for the next 2 months!

It is also the time of the year where everyone is trying to enjoy themselves as much as possible, all of the approximately 35,000 people that our town can squeeze in. So why not this year, try to NOT rush anywhere through-out the town, or on the way to the mountain. The road up to the mountain is a solid double line the whole way up, so no passing allowed. Just be patient, the town is 5 miles by 5 miles, so you’ll get to where ever you are going in a second anyways!

OK, now on to the fun stuff, we are cutting the pipe as I type this, and tomorrow it opens! Very exciting! I will be putting up a picture today of how it looks, check back in a little bit.



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