Storm DayStorm DayStorm Day
Storm Day

It is crazy up here. Tons of snow. I hope you are reading this after you been up here, if not, get off the internet, and get yourself up here.

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  1. 1 Park Monkey

    Hey Guys,
    It would be good if you can have actually updates about the park and the jump features. We have been up here for the last week and there has been no jumps or rails understanding we just got huge snow but it would be good to know when all the features are going to be rebuilt etc. There is no where to find out this information could you use this for it?? There is updates about your crew but nothing anywhere about the feature??
    Just a thought???

  2. 2 Oren Tanzer

    Hey Park Monkey,

    Thanks for your comment. As you are aware, it takes us a couple days to rebuild after such a huge snow storm. The entire mountain is a terrain park and you should get out there and explore. There are only so many hours in a night to rebuild and we do our best. As well, remember that there are 9 park runs for all range of riders so we have to take care of everyone. We will try and get park updates up and ruunning earlier in the morning.

    Oren Tanzer
    Director, Youth Action Sports

  3. 3 Park Monkey

    Thanks for the update we had a good day today on all the new stuff jibs galore was the best..

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