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Click Here to check the Main lodge web cams…. I know I say this a lot, but if i didnt need the money, I would be out snowboarding RIGHT NOW!! Kelly (Unbound Terrain Parks Manager Chris Zajec’s Girlfriend) simply put it, in a very new yorkian accent: “its gorgeous” Get your self here, before the […]


Miss Traci Hartless Stopped by to take a quick pic. She’s always looking stylish, even in snowboarding gear, some people have forgotten that you can still look good with out Over doing it. I saw some horrible outfits today. People in wanna be skittle suits…. hmmmm, not my style. Tone it down!! You Live in […]



At least the sun is out. Not too much going on in Main Park today, so we made a snowman while we sunbaked.


Backflip??? Holy moly! He probably flew 110 total. CRRRRAAAAZZZZZYYYYY!

Crummier weather, more people, and NO SUN! I don’t know… I think I’ll stay in for now. It has just begun to snow, supposedly according to Mr. Sheckter, we are expecting 12-18 inches tonight, and also another 12-18 inches tomorrow morning. WOWZAS!!! I took a small adventure to south park with Mr. Zajec (snowmo Chauffer) […]

perfect weather, good times, halfpipes competitions, yada yada yada. Can’t wait for this weather to come back.