Good Morning


Today has to be one of the nicest days we have had in at least a month. The teperature outside is perfect, and I can’t see anything moving from a breeze anywhere, this is great news, ok maybe I just saw a flag move, but this is Mammoth, we always have a slight breeze.

Middle jump is built up and looking humungous as usual, thanks to Lead Operator Pete Colombo. If you havent had a fun day snowboarding in a while, i strongly suggest going today, there is no better day than a sunny day snowboarding at Mammoth. All, but 2 chairs are open today, so you can go ride the whole mountain, top to bottom, side to side, back to front.

click here for the weather

I’ll get some pictures up here in a little bit, so you can see whats going on up here.

oh yeah, you can check our webcams on


One Response to “Good Morning”

  1. 1 snowboardwomen

    This weekend was beautiful! We had one of the best days of riding this season on Sunday. Was warm but snow was still in great condition. We ❤ mammoth!

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