Christopher Benchetler



Now that Chris Benchetler finally has a second to relax at home for a while, I thought I would ask him a couple questions about himself.

Atomic, Sessions, Dragon, DaKine, Clif Bar, Adio Footwear, Cti2, Joystick, Mammoth lakes, P3.

When did you start skiing?
When I was very young.. Maybe around 3 yrs. old.

What inspires you?

How much does Louis love me over you? Just kidding, you don’t have to answer that, I already know.
Who’s lap is he sitting right now? Yeah that’s what I thought.

What are your goals to accomplish in skiing?
Raise the bar in back country skiing with jump size, tricks, and individuality..

What projects are you working on this year with filming, and such?
Eric Pollard, Pep Fujas, Myself, and Andy Mahre have all joined forces this season to create and build a new model for filmmaking and what it means for audiences, athletes, and sponsors by using online distribution. We will be releasing 5 full-length 28-minute webisodes every 2 months for computer and iPod viewing, available for download off of the producer’s page at Each webisode will be premiering on the 15th of February, April, August, and October. With a final cut of “Hunting Yeti – The Film” in early September on DVD, or on tour in a city near you.
-Also, I will have a full Japan segment skiing with JP Auclair (best trip ever) in Poorboyz Productions new film “Reasons”

Favorite place you have ever been, and why?
Woah.. good question, because I’m actually moving to Japan since I love it so much… Never stops snowing, the culture, toilets, people, and food are unlike any other.. And I am just in love with that place. It’s awesome.

Who are your favorite people to ride with?
Jp Auclair, Christian Sirianni, Eric Pollard, Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, Anthony Boronowski, basically the whole Nimbus crew and all my other friends.. It’s hard to have a bad time skiing.

Favorite Joke?
Tough one.. cant think of one right now

If you were stranded on an island all by your lonesome, and you could have one thing and one thing only, what would it be?
My girlfriend….. and I really wish she would bring me a surf board.

How’s learning Japanese going? How many words do you know?
A good amount actually.. I’m learning it with any free time I have, which hasn’t been much, but it’s going well.

How many hours a day do you spend on your computer.
come onnnn.. Not that many.. But probably too much.

I know you’ll love this one… what’s a random fact about yourself?
I love to eat.. A lot.

Favorite foods?
Sushi, Sushi, and more sushi, with a side of every other food. I am a human garbage disposal

Are you really scared of scary movies?
Yes big time… I can barely watch the previews.

Chris has to be one of my favorite people on the planet. He is always fun to hang out with, and luckily we get to hang out all the time, pretty much everyday. He is far too in love with my dog, Lou, so I always have a dog watcher 🙂 He’s an awesome friend, his girlfriend is pretty amazing as well!


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