This week at this time…


Chair 2, yikes!!!

Crummier weather, more people, and NO SUN! I don’t know… I think I’ll stay in for now. It has just begun to snow, supposedly according to Mr. Sheckter, we are expecting 12-18 inches tonight, and also another 12-18 inches tomorrow morning. WOWZAS!!!

I took a small adventure to south park with Mr. Zajec (snowmo Chauffer) Not only was it a painful experience, being pelted in the face with snow on the back of the snowmobile, but it was kinda cold, and the pictures didnt show up so well, but none the less, theres some new features going on over there. Here’s a very small peek. More pitcures to come when its not such flat light.

Bottom of south

South Park


One Response to “This week at this time…”

  1. 1 Ryan O

    Greetings from Tahoe!

    Our weather fairs a little better lately with some sunshine. Debating a trip down 395 to Mammoth end of the next week. Looking for details on the Jump status around South Park. Can we expect the usually line of 30-40’s ? Or will the jib line be worth mounting the butter stick? Did you guys get the mini-pipe up yet??

    Anxiously passing another weekend extending guest service to a bunch of yuppies,

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