This is Wilson, Oren’s new dog, and our new office dog. He is too cute! He is six weeks old. Already is playing in the snow and being a perfect fit for the office. So stoked!


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  1. 1 cc

    great another distraction….

  2. Well luckily for you, it’s my job to take care of Wilson. So, he’ll be distracting me, which shouldnt interupt anything on your side… thanks for being so wonderful, and happy for us….


  3. 3 jimmy jim bone

    so i agree with the guy above. and or i was just wondering when the dog was going to be in the park to jib or something?.. i thought that this was a blog for the “park”…its been weeks and you have yet to put up pictures, fix that ******* sideways shark fin box, and maybe start to salt the snow when it becomes complete slush…

    but is alright i understand that you all are working soo hard.. i see it everyday..

    take care of that dog n let us no when the D.O.G jib is set upp…


    jib bone

  4. 4 mudslinger

    lets be honest, everyone would rather hear about the parks then about some little dog, and i’d say thats what needs to be worried about, not any part of unbound lives up to the hype it gets, year after year i’ve seen magazine articles saying mammoth has the #2 or 3 park or blah blah blah. i know im not alone when i say ive been to smaller less established mountains that take more pride in there parks, maybe because thats all they got goin for them but maybe you feel you dont have to take as much pride in the parks as other places because theres so much other terrain, but i know many people that come here strictly for park, and i know that goes the same for pro’s too. im not gonna lie, the jumps in main and south are some of the best i ever seen, but there isnt one unique jib, i hear stories about spending 20 grand on that quicksilver feature, and lets be honest, its designed to be in a skate park not on a mountain with snow around it, and every jib is set up the same, its either a flat box, flat rail or down rail, thats pretty much it with little variations, the most unique jib this mountain has i would say would be the shark fin, the c-boxes are pretty legit but it makes me not want to hit it when i see the park crew hammering nails into the top of it. im not saying the mountain needs to go out and spend alot of money, im just saying get more creative with it, put some boxes on slants or downhills or whatever, just get creative with it, i work for the mountain and i’ve been thru that boneyard, no money needs to be spent, when i go thru there i see endless possibilities, i mean maybe i dont understand the politics behind it or whatever but i think so much more can be done to make the parks worth that #2 or #3 rank that it gets. i hope other people read this and agree with me but we’ll see the responses this gets!!

    i spend all my time in the parks and i just think theres alot more potential for those parks. check out some other mountains and see what kinda jibs they got going on!

    i hope this isnt taken the wrong way


  5. wow.

    There will always be people who love it, or hate it… if you arent happy here, you can go where ever you would like.

    and for mudslinger, working for the mountain, I would figure you would understand the hard work of your co workers, if you are so confidant that you are capable of doing a better job, ask your boss to transfer you to dept. 074. Hopefully you can help us out. 🙂

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