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There is now guaranteed pipe riding in California until the end of Memorial Day Weekend! After most other American resorts have completely closed for the season, the legendary Mammoth Spring Pipe is set to open Friday, May 16. The pipe, located in Saddle Bowl (Chair 3/Face Lift Express), is cut with our 22-ft. Zaugg Pipe […]



Today is a weather hold for superpark. Registration will resume tomorrow at 9am till noon. Any questions call the mountain 760.934.2571.

WCI Rail Jam.


Chaz Guldemond Wins $10,000 Saturday Night, and walks away with 15,000 for the whole weekend. He told me that he was debating waking up on friday to drive down here from Tahoe…good thing you got yourself up Chaz, or you wouldnt be 15,000 dollars richer right now. soooOOOooooOOO…. Im going to have to borrow some […]

Oh Hello…. So we had our first comp of our WCI today, the Party in the Pipe… otherwise known as the Fiesta de la Pipa. It was a real nice day, the sun was out, some clouds hung out for a quick minute, the breeze stopped by for a sec. There was quite the group […]