WCI Rail Jam.


Winning all of Mammoth Mountains Money...

Chaz Guldemond Wins $10,000 Saturday Night, and walks away with 15,000 for the whole weekend. He told me that he was debating waking up on friday to drive down here from Tahoe…good thing you got yourself up Chaz, or you wouldnt be 15,000 dollars richer right now.

soooOOOooooOOO…. Im going to have to borrow some photos, since our photog has yet to send us some photos…. But Snowboard Revolution has their photos up CLICK HERE TO GO TO SNOW-REV.COM


3 Responses to “WCI Rail Jam.”

  1. 1 Candizzle

    I’m still hung over…

  2. 2 abe

    I’ve been riding main for the past few days and it would be cool if you guys could add a nice long flat rail with a nice drop off or a long flat box… main park rails are all super down rails or wide boxes! jumps are excellent though thanks

  3. I gotta say, this years rail jam was WAY better than last year. really fun to watch. nice setup, good riders. And the crowd wasn’t too rowdy. Nice time for the family. Thanks Unbound. Chale!

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