The Unbound

The Minarets from Main Park

The Mammoth Mountain Unbound Terrain Parks lead the industry in innovation and quality with three parks, three pipes, 50 jibs and 50 jumps on 90 acres of California’s favorite mountain resort. Using state-of-the-art equipment to provide a progressive environment for all levels, from beginners to a team of 15 professional athletes, the Unbound earns consistent ratings among the top parks of the world. For more information on the Unbound and Mammoth Mountain Ski Area call 800.MAMMOTH.


57 Responses to “The Unbound”

  1. 1 Nick

    The Mammoth Mountain Unbound Terrain Parks lead the industry 5 years ago. Since then they have not been innovative, and have looked exactly the same form year to year. Between 04-05, and 07-08, mammoth unbound has introduced only two or three new jib features, and the majority of the old oned sit in the bone yard. Considering the massive amount of usable terrain alloted to unbound, the space is not used efficiently or creatively. Simple new features and simple park setups could bring unbound back to the #1 spot as it was years ago.

  2. 2 Mark

    Forest trail needs more kick on the left side, or to be smaller. the second jump is a little hard to get speed for. And what happend to the jump size inbetween forest trail and south park? How and i going to learn to step it up with gap that big between jump sizes?

  3. Thank you for comment. Just want to let you know that we will be focusing on Forest Trail tonight.

    We want you to have as much fun while still progressing at the same time, so we will do our very best to get it in normal Forest Trail condition, come check out forest trail tomorrow, and let us know if you liked the changes. Thanks again.


  4. 4 Ky

    Some suggestions for the park would to be to introduce some hip jumps; they are extremely fun and can be built at different sizes for different levels of skiing and boarding

  5. 5 andy frank


  6. 6 forwarded from forum

    hey slush, you’re so wrong. I can tell that you have probably never been ridin outside Usa. Mammoth is known around the world. Not for its amazing freeriding, but for its amazing freestyle parks! In Europe people talk about Mammoth of being the best freestyleresort in the world. Now to keep this name, Mammoth has to step it up every year or at least do their best. Right now they don’t do their best at all. And no they are not experimenting at all. They are holding back.
    Think about it. They have enough snow to build a great park with a lot of features – so whats holding them back?
    I’m not attacking you slushlush but Mammoth has never been this worse!! I see it from a European view. It’s not special to go here anymore. Need more time? We are in the middle of january and we have one jump in main and some rails! Come on something is wrong and riders’ gonna spread the rumor faster than you think. But yeah Mammoth is so great!

  7. 7 Tmace

    yo mammoth your unbound park is off the hook keep doing what your doing .tmace brighhton ut ….see you in three weeks

  8. 8 mike calvi

    whats up i’m coming out there from mount snow vermont crew and looking foward to working out there and playin in the parks.
    – moose

  9. 9 mammothguy

    Hey Heather – Is there a reason that there are stacks and stacks of unused rails and boxes on that trail next to jibs galore. Why the hell don’t they set some of that stuff up. This is absolutely rediculous. I now wish i had moved to keystone or breck for the season because they actually care about getting stuff up and making sure it is set up nice.

    -6 rails and 2 jumps in the main park
    -2 jumps, a hip, and 2 rails in forest trail
    -3 rails in south park and 4 large but misproportioned jumps
    -like half a dozen rail in south park

    If this is really it, then why does the resort advertise 50+ jibs and 50+ jumps? Are there at least plans to set up massive amounts of rails and boxes that are collecting rust over by jibs galore?

    A response would be amazing.

  10. 10 michael

    hey guys. The pipe is a little too verted. Its like 90 degrees. It needs to be like 87! Its not a lot but really important.

  11. 11 oman

    post some pictures of the south park for god’s sake! i heard the kickers there are much bigger than they used to be. what ever happened to an equal distribution of kicker heights at mammoth?

    ps there is so much space at mammoth, why don’t you guys put up more parks?

  12. 12 Chad

    whats up this season i went to unbound at main lodge and there was nothing there except the banaster rail and a couple other jumps. you guys need to put in more stuff

  13. 13 Juddo

    Are both slopesytle contests ON this weekend, even if its stormin as heavy as predications are?

  14. 14 mammoth roks

    heyy mammoth i live up here go to the mtn as much as possble
    i love south but the small jumps on it need a little work
    but ya u guys should put som more boxes an rails up
    sum of the more technicle ones
    lyk the c box is 1 i havnt seen yet
    jib is my favorite place on the mtn at the moment though
    but u think u guys can fit a box n a raail at the bottom after the lyk triangle box thing
    but otherwise im loving the mtn
    keep up the good work!

  15. 15 d.t

    i just got back from a three day mammoth trip and heres what up. south park. jumps are uh well ridiculous. real big. after a 45 ft step down at top. you roll dow into the three jump line. once again, bigger tahn last year. after taht there is a roller where there is a platform with three options. bleacher , down flat down box (so sick), and like 15-20 ft down flat bar. jibs galore. once again, everyhting is bigger tahn previous years and ive been riding mammoth park fo 7 years. flat bar at top. pyramid. down bar with donkey dick. box set up over a 8-10 drop off gap. butter box to bucket jib. cylinder tap on a hip. down flat bar. 4*40 up box. up rail. sideways gateway. gateway rail. then 3 round bars set at various angles. i stress once again, everyhting is BIG and honestly is not going to be able to be ridden unless youve been shredding for a while. main has the forest trail which at the top has a down bar into two gay jumps into a hip. (nothing). main has a down lift pole. into the quicksilv box. into a 2*40 flat box. then some other various lift pole variations. on the left is the jump line which is sick right now. and the bottom booter is dope right now too. so all in all, mammoth crews have been slightly upping their game (not gonnna lie) but everyone, i bull #@%# you not. every rail box jib bonk tap has a fat gap or a huge set up. overall id say the jumps are dope (lets not kid ourselves here, they usually are), but they are big. very big. very. big. and if youre trying to progress and stomp new stuff. yor either gonna get lucky. or get hurt trying.
    d.t with your mammoth mountain park report (since they never give us one)

  16. 16 Mammoth Local

    I agree with most of these people, i moved here 3 years ago to ride some sick ass park and bigger mountains because thats what mammoth was known for since ive been here all they do is put the same jibs and jumps up every year ,yah they might slant them a bit or change how they put them up but come on mammoth. have you been to Bear Mountain, or Keystone or Windells. There boxes and rails are WAY more fun and way more creative we need A down flat down box, some smaller c-boxes that go both ways, we need a stair set rail like North Star. Even Mt.High has a Quarter Pipe Box and that place is as small as mammoths southpark practically. We need to bring back the quarter pipe that was at the bottom of the Super Duper Pipe. Windells has a box that is flat and then c’s to the left and down. we need a box that is long and is like flat down and has little side ledges so you can hop from low ledge to the top of the box and slide the down. Mammoth needs to step it up, Get Oran out of there.

    So thats my opinion on mammoth if they dont change next year im going to Tahoe.

  17. 17 Mats Børsting

    The park is great but I was wondering if you could make the kickers to the straight rails a bit bigger and have a gap inn between them? also some of the straight rail boxes are a bit tilted.

    PiZ OuT….

  18. 18 michael

    i laugh at this claim of mammoth being such a good park because its certainly not
    i might be a little bias because my home mountain is bear mountain which is “THE BEST PARK IN CALIFORNIA’ hands down

  19. 19 bryson bowles

    hows it up there

  20. 20 michael

    looking forward to ride the superduper pipe when it’s done – better late than nothing – I guess

  21. 21 michigan sucks for boarding

    ya so i live in michigan and fly out ever spring for some boarding at mammoth and i am hoping you guys have your battle ship up

  22. 22 matt r

    i heard that the park at mammoth is so boss that people throw flat ground 1080’s. im comin out there in march and expect to throw frontflips onto every rail i see. bangarang

  23. 23 chenzi whyte

    Hi heather,thanks to the park crew for FINALLY gettin that big pipe rockin!!Also good to see lots of positive comments on your parks?

  24. 24 Nik

    Tough crowd, You guys should give your park crew a little more credit. Do you realize how much work it is to clean out parks and pipes after 5ft of snow?. Your Mt is getting
    hammerd with snow this year and they are keeping the park and pipes together. Its sorta hard to put in rails when your spending your hole night digging out the features they already have. Go ski or ride powder. And the comment about the pipe being 90 degrees, well you don’t have a clue if the zuagg was at 90 witch you can’t even cut at that vert you would end up on the other tranny. 87 degrees huh well thats wrong too, try 82 to 82.5 pending how you cut obviously you have never cut a pipe but have all the info. Let your park and pipe guys do there job if you don’t belive it go ride with them after a 48″ dump its not fun to redue all the trannys and landings maybe you should appreciate what you have and learn how to ride powder. The sherwins, and all the other sweet backcountry is amazing and endless be more productive and less critical with your time, guarentee by spring parks will be sweet I know I’ve been to mammoth the last 10 years, and the late spring is always the best don’t be sutch haters be constuctive with your shortcummings

  25. 25 Aldis O

    Hey does anyone know what the park setup consists of right now? I’m going up to mammy in a couple of weeks and i wanna know what its like right now.

  26. 26 suppertime

    is the parks any good in may-june month?
    i’m thinking about coming back then, but gotta know how it is before i spend $1000++ on plane tickets from europe.

  27. i see a lot of hatin on the park this year in the bulletins posted, is it really that bad? because im comin out during the time of pbrj, april 23-28, is it gonna be sick then?

  28. 28 cc

    the park right now is ill…really BIG…

    but mammoth and june both suck so u should come…ha

  29. 29 Dylan Clontz

    im going to mammoth this weekend 3/20 and i cant wait to hit the park…i live in so call 45 min away from mt high, and cant wait to shred up mammoth

  30. 30 TJ

    yo the park is always sick up here. mammoth doesnt throw up a ton of things in main cause we like to set up huge features that take up a lot of room. south is killin it too right now. jibs is fun as hell too. everyone needs to quit hatin. go back to so cal/ mt high (haha) and ride your fake snow and 25 foot jump. Ubound Park Staff…. keep up the good work.

  31. 31 Mark

    Ive been having a really hard time progressing on my rails and jumps. You guys ride most days, honestly think about someone trying to learn lets say boardsildes, or frontside boards. Where would you really go that you could get more then one rail hit in a run. Obviously it can be done. June has an awesome progression park. Everytime i go to june i feel awesome when i come back because its easy to learn a new thing there. Set up a few boxes in a row that are low to the ground so when i fall off a million times i dont wreck myself. Even in forest trail, you have these super small jumps, and rails with gaps to them! Make some rails in there that i could hit if i were hitting the right side of the jumps… and put a few so i can try the tricks a few times in a row, not once every 15 minutes. I hope this all fits together and makes sense. Im really trying harder on rails and having a hard time learning at mammoth. Finally why arent there more features in jibs galore. June has two rails set up side by side in most areas. Why cant mammoth do this? Why cant mammoth set up and be a good as away small mountain. However i do have to say that main is taken care of well, but what about the rest of us?

  32. 32 Tyler

    whens the latest that mammoth is normally open cause im thinkin aboot comin in the summer cause right now i got a broken femur and can’t snowboard right now. Also wut is it like at mammoth not the terrian park cause i wanna ride both free ride and park

  33. 33 Lou C

    where is the beginner park? Anyone have a link/pix of the beginner/kids park? Is it near main lodge (or canyon, eagle)?

  34. 34 Nik

    Everyone needs to stop comparing parks and saying why can’t you be like this MT or this Mt has a better park. Imagine if every skate park was the same?. Or every baseball park or football field was the same?. Its all about every resort
    having its own nitch. That nitch is going to be different everywhere you go. Human nature is to adapt and thats what you need to do when you go to different parks and pipes. Some riders may perfer Mammoths Pipe over mine, and some riders may prefer park citys but thats the cool thing about
    Parks and Pipes everywhere you go is different, and thats why we all travel and ride all over the states its snow, its fun, just go out and have fun and ride the best you can wherever you go and you will have a succsesfull season. As a pipe builder I want every pipe to be good and every park to be good so when I have the chance to take a trip to another resort my wife and I can go shred somthing different
    than what we ride everyday and have a Killer time.

  35. 35 Anonymous

    South Park is going to be coming to an end soon, here, and I think you guys better start puttin up more stuff throughout jibs and southpark. How about more jibs that will help with progression versus a bunch of downrails that nobody really even hits…
    junes park is off the hook right now, what happened to mammoths?

  36. 36 andy frank

    i like you nik and appreciate all the work of the park staff Go shralp all you sallys

  37. 37 ds

    you expect a good park when the ADVERTIZE 60+ rails And jumps… Its not Hating. When your Paying 80$ for a ticket you have some expectations…. or maybe you dont.

  38. 38 michael

    hey Nik you must be at least 40 years old – everyone stop lalala. I bed you work for the mountain mr oracle. Long story short – Mammoth is not what it was a couple of years ago – thats a fact. Don’t give us bullshit. Have fun lalalla you really on’t get it I think, but let me try to explain. We still have fun up here shreddin day long, looking at the beautiful mountain and so on. I’m a sponsored snowboarder livin up here. What do you mean about pipes are different? Lets go to Mammoth cause they have a different pipe! And they don’t have a proper park before late january – yeah lets go there.
    You gotta see it from riders perspektive – we went here years ago because it was the bomb – it’s not anymore aight.
    I still have fun snowboarding here but Mammoth is a worldfamous name that does not live up too its rumor anymore . If you you don’t get it lets go shreddin one day up here – I think you would understand me after that – this is a forum so this is where we express our inner feelings – thats where we talk bullshit aight – we still love Mammoth aight at least until next year haha

  39. 39 michael

    and yeah lets just travel around because we got sooo much money

  40. 40 dude

    dude… sweet dude….

  41. Yo this is a member of paradise park crew mt hood meadows, what up everybody! Right on got that out of the way damn their a lot of whiners give park crew credit for killing it wherever insurance companies will still let us build.(thanks to jackass @ snoqaulmie last season). Mammoth has always got the sick set up and thats coming from a Bear/High rider, I mean sh*t thier is always someone throwing down while riding @ mammoth the terrain parks are so sick. Why doesn’t everybody stop crying about bad park days when its snowing and pick up a shovel to help or better yet learn to slash pow. Peace and love parkies, I ride 7 days a week 5 of those working the dream job while it snows 8 ft a week my only complaint is that we can’t get started on the super park or spring park(no one knows name yet this season) more work equals more fun when its done. peace HoodratS everyone whining I want to slash u r probably gapers, u r the reason I left cali.

  42. 42 michael

    well thats really a good reason why you left I must say. And while we’re at it why is it you think that if you’re a parkrider, you don’t know how to shred the powder!!! You don’t know that but because we ride the park that must be the reason. Do you have a snowmobile? I don’t . Is it possible to ride powder everyday all season? I don’t believe so. 8 ft. a week WHAT! How much is the base depth at mainlodge right now? Well if it snows 8 ft. a week in mt Hood it must snow 8 ft. a week in Mammoth too !!!
    But if its an insurance matter I understand else I still have my opinion so thanks for not being here anymore aight

  43. 43 Nik

    Hey michael you obviosly do not read so well. My blog say’s what I do. I’m actually your compition as Pipes go. And if your such a rad SPONSORED rider;{If I had a dollar for everyone who says there sponserd} You would know that every pipe is different I.E. Lengths,pitch, vert, shape,straight,wavy,soft,hard, oh yea and HUH height. And if you are sponserd you should know that every park and Mt is different since your killing it so much. I ride everyday I can to test my product and because I love to ride. And if I have a bad day I don’t blame it on the Park.
    As far as getting the riders view I talk to Teams, coaches, Pro’s, amatures,companies and magazines and get Emails from the riders for input because thats my job. Like I said go and ride with the operators talk to them, I guarentee there more receptive to that then bitching. If
    you go to them all pissed off they’ll probably hand you a shovel and tell you to go dig a hole and cry in it, thats what i do to negetive pompis feedback. But if you go to them in a professional and positive manner they will probably listen. IF you want to bash me thats great I think its funny not eveyone is going to agree. Oh and all the real sponserd riders that throw down and win comps usually make money so if your broke and can’t travel maybe you should get better and win some comps or get a job. And I’m sure you will hit evey feature at superpark being so rad. I’m assuming all you haters are going to be there throwing down so hard I can’t wait to see your cover shot next year in the superpark issue I’m sure Pat Bridges can’t wait to see all you guys stepping it up because you can’t travel or Mammoth’s everyday features are not up to your level. Good luck and keep on Hatting. This gives me somthing to do during flat light hours. Are you sure your not Petey from the block haha aight.

  44. 44 dude

    Duuuuuuddddeee…………….. sweet dude………….. happpppy shreddin’….. spring is the best

  45. haha that’s funny.
    some people should come to europe and see our parks here… Most pipes get shaped 2 to 3 times a week because of the money. Most of the resorts have no idea how to built a park. but we have still fun in our small parks jibbing arround and trying to do the best. so stop crying and remember what snowboarding is about!
    I was last may in mammoth and there wasn’t a lot of snow. but everything was still perfectly shaped and we had soooo much fun riding the park. In Switzerland they wouldn’t have put a single box with these snow conditions. So thanks to the team for shaping the jumps and rails everyday so perfectly!

  46. 46 dude for sure

    i was once a hater. But now instead of hatin on the f@#$%& up park i hate on all the gapers! JK gapes are fun. but cerial…. just have fun with what you have, and if the park really sucks that bad then the park crews probably a bunch of tards and i bet theyd be stoked if you kiked it with them and talked about ideas and stuff. but dont hate on ’em cuz then they’ll think your an A hole and they wont listen to your friggidy diggidy sweet ideas. all i wanna do is shred shred slash slash. yyyyyyeeeeeeyyyyyaaaaahhhh boyeeeeeeee. peace up a-town down. lates

  47. 47 eviljonny

    What a bunch a frickin’ whiners! “Waahhh…we can’t ride the park because there is too much snow” OMG I want to pee in your beer. I WISH we had “too much” snow at Bear Mountain. Sure, The Park at Bear is F-ing sick nearly the entire season, but what a short season it is. Do you know how lucky you are to live close enough to a Mountain to ride at least twice a week? I do. I have a full time job so I can only ride Bear on Sat and Sun but I do it every weekend. I get up earlier than I have to for work and drive 2 hours and shred all day long. I can only dream of one day living close enough to Mammy so that I can ride there twice a week. :*( sniffle

    Just be happy that you don’t live in a state without any ridable mountains. I never have and thank God for that!

    Props to all Park Staffs! Mammoth, I will see you in 2 weeks. Booya!

  48. 48 azrider

    WWAAAAAAAA! The jumps aren’t big enough! WWWAAAAAA! Not enough rails. 4 rails and 3 jumps when the park is at its prime. Thats what the park I ride, in AZ has…and I love every second of it. You should come ride Sunrise and Snowbowl in AZ. That should help you appreciate what Mammoth has to offer. For me riding AZ is like banging a fat chick. When I get up to Mammoth or Bear once or twice a year its like getting a smoking hot piece of strange…Either way I’m happy to be gettn some action…

  49. 49 minnesota

    Coming to mammoth for peanut butter raill jam champs… I am stoked to ride mammoth. It was good last year in may and i am sure its better in april. Cant wait to go there. Park crew keep up the good work, I am a park crew guy in minnesota and people are always complaining about objects and jibs.

    keep up the good work

  50. 50 Rastamus

    hello i am from Europa, i traveled many days by sea to get to slide sideways on steep iron.
    Jibsgalore was awesome at its peak, although it was short. i have a request and i know that many will agree with me on this, put up the boxes and rails that are laying around, or at least maintain the ones that you put up! thank you.

  51. 51 Rastamus

    you are teasing me!

  52. 52 need to ride

    im about to make the trip this week from la and i was wondering how many jibs are still setup

  53. I am going to Mammoth tomorrow and I can’t wait, for many springs it has been my second home with friends and people I truly care about.(most work at the resort you all speak so poorly of in this forum) The amount of new shredders and skiers every year grows in mass numbers and that leads to the growth of park shredding. Everyone wants to have fun and for some it is a little more intense and they treat there park like a local surf break and thats fine. I have been cut off, clipped, bumped and just flat out ran the f@*k over. You get up and brush it off and if your not hurt try to enjoy the rest of your day. You really have to think about how much room for jibs,jumps and even just that guy riding through there really is. Now with that in mind think about what a lot of you are saying, I am sure if everyone out there could design the park it would have a hundred rails and the largest jumps and pipes ever, yourself and your friends would be the only ones riding and anyone who sucks has to stay away. Sounds perfect! I have learned that is not the way it will be. All parks should be made for just about everyone and more then one park for all levels of riders at your resort is really cool, and to think about all the money that goes into these parks, it is a true trickle effect. Starts in the shop with the guys making sure the machines are running good to the fuel, to paying day crew the list goes on and on. Then think about gas prices and how many people are paying all that money to drive so far, and then rent a room buy a ticket and still be able to eat a good meal (not crackers and ketchup) The more money that comes into the resort gets spent in departments like park staff and grooming. So next time you are at the pump think about that.(you might be on daddy’s account still so you don’t count). Now I would like to comment on the bash about the Summit lawsuit. That is hands down one of the biggest shock waves in the park industry right now, if you don’t know what we are talking about then you should do some research and figure it out. The risk of what we all love to do can be very tragic, people have to assume that risk,wheel-chairs, broken bones and death can be found in most any sport or out-door activity. Once you have dropped in YOU have assumed that risk. But thats not the way people choose to think, they want to put the fault on someone else and that someone is the one with the deepest pockets.(can you guess who that is) These resorts have to protect themselves and if that is cutting down on terrain features or trying to save people from themselves then so be it. How many times can a company dish out 16 million because somebody did not think that the speed between night and day snow conditions can be so different when your hitting a good size step down. I think we should all watch are mouths out of respect for a gentleman who will no longer be able to walk, who shared the same love for snowboarding as we do. But then again no one told him he had to do it. We should all think about education in snowboarding, safety and spreading those words to that new boy or girl that wants to spend money in snowboarding and at the resort you ride and live at. Two more things before I go. IT DUMPS IN MAMMOTH! You bastards slash that shit. If you are riding the park on a powder day you have some serious issues and should see a doctor and last but not least anyone who rides the same park day in and day out will get bored of it(try something different in or out of the park) and if thats you I am sure your not a pro. I have to go now my girlfriend thinks I am looking at porn.

  54. 54 AZ

    I want to go there december 26th through the 2nd of january. will the park be good enough then?

  55. 55 K

    I like Michael’s post explaining how mammoth isnt living up to its reputation and i agree i always have fun riding the park or the mountain i love to ride everything but ive been coming to mammoth since 2005 and i love the super pipe every year i get better and better at it and its good most of the time, but the park crew need to build new rails and boxes its a must i mean snowboarding is always changing new things all the time new tallent and if you just keep all the old shit it gets old and repetitive. JUST PLEASE BUILD NEW RAILS AND BOXES THAT ARE COOL AND FUN. But also i think kids need to ride the mountain more there is way more to get creative with. I learned that from Peter Benchetler.

    The park is ok but it could be 100 times better!

  56. 56 Rob

    I was recently up in Mammoth for a friends wedding and noticed that the superpipe ditches had been filled in and main park area had been regraded. What’s the deal? Is Mammoth gonna try to build a superpipe off the level ground? Are they moving the pipes? You can even see this from the webcams of Main Lodge. If anyone knows what’s going on please let us know!

  57. 57 Kevin Ice

    Ok Mammoth the new season is coming and what is in store for everyone in the park this season, anything new, whats going on…? CHEERS!

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