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Well after a weekend full of the most famous guys in the industry ripping up the early season park, the Unbound Crew came out to play on all the features. Mark put his skateboard in the closet and dusted off his snowboard to come out spinin. There are three parks open so far, with a […]

Not too sure what the occasion was yesterday, but there were a couple people dressed up for spring time shredding. This guy wore a wetsuit. Maybe the most creative snowboarding attire i have seen yet. If this happens to be you, let me know how this worked out.

Good Morning


Today has to be one of the nicest days we have had in at least a month. The teperature outside is perfect, and I can’t see anything moving from a breeze anywhere, this is great news, ok maybe I just saw a flag move, but this is Mammoth, we always have a slight breeze. Middle […]



It is the start of the holidays, and I just wanted to take a moment between the hectickness to wish you all a wonderful Holiday. Eat a bunch of delcious food, Hang out with Family and/or Friends, and enjoy yourself! Have a good one. Signing off, Heather.

Monday, Monday!


How beautiful is it outside!!??!! So, the weekend is finally over, and all our friends are gone, town is quite, and calm. Ahh, I love this place! The weekdays are so perfect in Mammoth, lift lines are casual, people seem freindlier, and even the parking is better. Everyday is still heavenly whether it is a […]



Good morning to everyone! It is Saturday, and the sun is shining! Even though the sun is out, the temperature is very low, which is good news, so that our snow sticks around.  Saturdays are usually very busy days in this little office, today is going to be a great one, with all our friends finally […]