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Today is a weather hold for superpark. Registration will resume tomorrow at 9am till noon. Any questions call the mountain 760.934.2571.


Click Here The latest weather report for this weekend. Looks like Saturday will be an awesome day. (i’ll get some photos up soon, promise!)

We are in the middle of a wind storm… or so it seems, i dont know if they actually call this a wind storm but its been windy for days!!! I miss spring time, its frigid, and cold outside, not exactly what I was hoping for this April… ciao ciao for now. xox


It is crazy up here. Tons of snow. I hope you are reading this after you been up here, if not, get off the internet, and get yourself up here. Click Here for Weather Updates



This time of the year usually is pretty nippy, and I never seem to get use to it! My walk this morning was sooooo cold!  The afternoon has been better, with warmer temperatures, lucky for me, unlucky for the snow 😦 The weather is saying that Monday we might get some snow! That would be […]



Its been a long week, with very nice, warm temperatures through-out. When all of a sudden yesterday this cloud came, and the wind started blowing.  I woke up this morning, took a gander out my window, and all I saw was drenched ground. I did my routine, and started my drive for the mountain. I […]