Mammoth Mountain Junior Snowboard Team

The Mammoth Mountain Junior Snowboard Team has opened it’s registration for the 2008/09 season. Read on and find out how you could become apart of the Team.

About the Mammoth Mountain Junior Snowboard Team
It’s not a ski club and it’s more than a snowboarding lesson. The Mammoth Mountain Junior Snowboard Team provides the opportunity for riders of all ages to train at a high level with a full-time coaching staff. The team is encouraged to compete in USASA events including boardercross, halfpipe, slopestyle, slalom and G.S., which can qualify them for Nationals at the end of the season.

Daily training involves coaching in freeriding and freestyle. These fun sessions allow snowboard team members to benefit from a team atmosphere as well as a significant amount of time to work on individual goals with their coaches. No matter the time of day the team consistently cheers each other on and shows support for one another, whether it’s after a teammate’s fall or when they stomp that trick they’ve been trying to perfect.

Dev Team



This program is for kids aged 6 to 8 yrs old. Riders in this program will ride with a qualified coach in a team atmoshpere on weekends and holidays. Having fun while learning the skills to shred the mountainis the focus of this group


Those 12yrs and under are on the Development Team, which is split into several groups based on age and skill level. Development Team trains weekends, holidays and two afternoons a week. In this program riders will develop skills in halfpipe, slopestyle, boardercross even GS and Slalom. Their coach will begin to introduce them into competitons like the Vans Unbound USASA Series held here at Mammoth.

Gret Bretz, January 2007. Julien Lecorps photo.

Greg Bretz (pictured) is a great example of what the Mammoth Junior Team can provide for a young gun.

The son of a Mammoth Mountain lift maintenance supervisor, he started on the development team when he was 9. Now, at 17, Greg is a USASA national champion, recently Greg has secured a spot on the US Snowboard Team after some great results in World Cup and Grand Prix events and we look forward to seeing big things from him in future events such as X Games and maybe even the Olympics.


The Junior Team is snowboarders 13yrs and over who want to bring their riding to a higher level. Many kids on the Junior Team compete regularly. At the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam, held at Mammoth this season, members of the Junior Team placed in the top five in the Under 15 division qualifying them for the Championships. The Team also competes in USASA competitions at Mammoth and June Mtn. This year over 50% of the Team qualified for Nationals and medals were brought back to home after an impressive effort by everyone.


The Elite Team is for those riders who are serious about competing and want to take it to the next level. This Team trains during the week and saves weekends for traveling to competition. This is a unique fulltime program offered only to a few riders. Training is based around competition and riders learn what it takes to be the best.


The Masters program is for the older rider who still wants to get out there and ride with people who want to have fun. Riders will benefit from riding with a coach recieving tips on all aspects of snowboarding.

Team members must meet a riding level requirement which differs from team to team. Training may include skill based drills, park and pipe riding, dryland training at the gym and skatepark and attending competitions.

The teams are split up into small groups of about five or six led by coaching staff David Quirk, Leigh Ann Battista, Brandon Schaffer, Luke Wynen, Paula Padilla and Benjamin Wisner. Everyone on the coaching staff are certified coaches experienced in coaching athletes for competition or have been a competitor themselves.

Head coach Ben Wisner has a decade of experience coaching, competing and even training instructors. Originally from the Central Coast Australia, he has spent many winter seasons back-to-back coaching snowboarding. He has coached at mountains around the globe including Perisher Blue (his home mountain), Heavenly, Winter Park, Fernie, B.C. and Hinterglemm, Austria just to mention a few.

Pricing and more information can be found on the Mammoth website


or contact

Head Coach Benjamin Wisner
760 914 3125
760 934 2571 ext 3144



  1. 1 Steve Eisenhaur

    Interested in having our two sons (7 and 12) join the Dev. Team, both are competent snowboarders and can handle groomed runs on Expert as well as freeriding through the parks and just starting to explore the pipes.
    Question: What is the costs and how do we coordinate with the team?
    We are only in town on weekends(6-8 per season) so not sure what the base time requirement/comittment from the team riders is.
    THanks in advance for any information!

  2. 2 bzhang

    I am really wishing i could join right now, i’m a huge fan of snowboarding, and go as much as i can, but lately with money issues i cant go nearly as much. For all those kids out there like me that r trying their hardest, keep it up!

    ps, quicksilver box looks so tasty right now!

  3. 3 spencer

    yo wats up homy coaches you guys rock (Luke) jk ben and dave you guys shred the gnar gnar hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheeh im just really bored

  4. 4 ana

    what is the cost to join?

  5. 5 Binh Fry

    What is the cost to join? My son is 11 years old and my daugter is 14 years old. We only in town on weekends or holiday.

    Thank you

  6. 6 chenzi whyte

    Well done guy’s,keep up the great work!! The kid’s are the future!!

  7. 7 bryson bowles reno nevada

    how is it up there , im going this week end .like is the park pretty nice

  8. 8 bryson bowles reno nevada

    and the kids are the future

  9. 9 Niko

    Wow, that kid on the Quiksilver box is very steezy. He should be sponsored, Hook him up!!!!!

  10. 10 ty

    I know that kid on the battleship I’m so proud. He is so delicious. And “steezy”

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