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The Boys

Oh Hello….

So we had our first comp of our WCI today, the Party in the Pipe… otherwise known as the Fiesta de la Pipa. It was a real nice day, the sun was out, some clouds hung out for a quick minute, the breeze stopped by for a sec.

There was quite the group of people shredding and getting wild. The sickky crew, Cody Rosenthal and Shayne Pospisil, made it out of their house to make a quick apperance. Cody chowed some waffles from the vans setup (I’m sure the syrup and powder sugar will make you feel better ASAP Code Dog), while Shayne popped an adult bevvy to ease the sickness…. Luke Mitrani was pulling some crazy tricks out today like a switch double backy, that won him best trick. Jp Walker ended up hurting his arm, such a bummer… come back soon!! Joe Sexton showed up, hung out, and had some amazing pants on. Guillame Morriset also had some amazing attire on (I’d buy it (I being Heather)). Stian looked amazing as well. Farrell Dude (the man, the myth, the legend) was getting crazy with his Poncho. Until next time….

1st- Chaz Guldemond
2nd- Mason Aguirre

1st- Jaime Anderson

Best Trick- Luke Mitrani
Broke the Pinata- Luke Wynen


More Details in a little bit…

This Morning before the chaos...

Some kinda fun...?


Click Here

The latest weather report for this weekend. Looks like Saturday will be an awesome day.

(i’ll get some photos up soon, promise!)

Volcom PBRJ


I’ll get some more details your way soon! Ciao for now.

We are in the middle of a wind storm… or so it seems, i dont know if they actually call this a wind storm but its been windy for days!!!

I miss spring time, its frigid, and cold outside, not exactly what I was hoping for this April…

ciao ciao for now.


Talib Kweli


This guy will be performing live at this year’s WCI festivities! One person was quoted saying “Talib Kweli is my favorite human!!” I’m pretty excited. Check the WCI page for schedules and updates!

ciao for now.